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2019-2020 Schedule LittleArtMuseum

starting September 10,2020

Classes are open to beginners to advanced level.

Class of 8 students max

 French Immersion.

 $160/month  for  2 H  Class 

Zoom Private French class ($80 for 45 min )


🏛Atelier  : Architecture and Design (10-14 years old)
 Advanced French required

MONDAYS 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm


🎨Atelier : Visual Art :Techniques and ART History (7th- 8th Graders)
Wednesdays 9 am – 11 am  


🎼Atelier  : Musical Performance Atelier Théâtre Peau d’âne (8-12 years old)
from March to May 2020 . Performance mid-June.

Saturdays afternoon Price upon request

Peau d'Ane spectacle-63


Special Events

🌎Atelier Zero Waste and Sustainability, Fashion Show, Great Masters and Mythology on Tuesday or on Thursday or Friday upon request



Exclusively in French. Some English to help new learners.

Prior exposure to the French language would be beneficial to the prospective participant.We recommend that children be registered in a French class or practice French at home.


** ART MATERIAL FEE non refundable for every new students in Visual Art, in Architecture /Design  for School year, in Civilization, Harry Potter, Musical Performance Course (pencils,  sketch books …) We will use Professional acrylic , watercolor,dry pastels….

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2019-2020 *ANNUAL REGISTRATION FEE non refundable $50 for the first month per student/ per year.
2019-2020 *PROFESSIONAL ART MATERIAL FEE non refundable for every classe : 
$ 50 school year Fee per student per Atelier.
Classes from September  10, 2019 to May 2020
HOLIDAYS: My little Art Museum will be closed on the following Paid Holidays :  Thanksgiving Break   Winter Break   During Spring Break

My Little Art Museum neither deducts tuition for holidays when the program is closed nor substitutes days for missing days.

Sorry No make up Class.

Exceptional Make up class can be organized if the teacher has been sick.

Payment due first day of the Month via Venmo or Check.

Late Fee penalty $30 .

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